Hamptons Outdoor Patio Heater 48000

Hampton Bay outdoor patio heaters provide a modern and safe alternative to using fireplaces or even radiators for heating in a garden. This unit is portable and easily mounted on a wall or roof. It can be assembled quickly, so you have it up and running in no time.

hampton bay outdoor patio heater 48000

It can be fixed either on the wall, or mounted at angles and it is also equipped with the adjustable hangers that can adjust either the height or the size of the unit. This is why it is a favorite among many owners. They can even customize it to their tastes by attaching various accessories to it to give it a personalized look.

The unit is powered by an automatic thermostat and is composed of a mild electric component. This means that it does not waste energy and is very efficient. In fact, it will keep the temperature at the desired level all throughout the day. It is also an eco-friendly option because it does not emit any harmful gases.

For the ease of use, this unit also features a solar panel. This panel has the ability to generate the heat of 300 watts of power. If you are worried about the weather, then this unit is totally safe. It does not get damaged by sunlight or by rain or snow.

One more important accessory to the unit is the solar charger. You need to have it charged at least once a month in order to continue using it for a long time. A simple adapter will suffice for most users. Just make sure that you have an AC adapter installed on your electrical socket.

The warranty that Hampton Bay offers is absolutely outstanding. It comes with a five year warranty and two years of free maintenance.

The price of this heater is still a little higher than the models that other manufacturers offer but this is completely justified. The accessories and the solar panel will require maintenance. It is quite expensive but it is worth it to have your own style.

It is possible to find a Hampton Bay outdoor patio heater in your local stores. But if you want to save money, then do a little research on the Internet. You will be surprised to find that this heater is priced as low as twenty-six dollars for a six hundred-watt model.